nąnge1NAHⁿNG-ayto be (while in a sitting position)verbunspec. comp. formhinąnki.1verbam.2verbis.3verbare.4verbwas.5verbwereFree VariantnąngaNAHⁿNG-ahnahⁿng-AHnąnyeNAHⁿ-nyaySecond-Person Plural Conjugationasdąngewiah-SDAHⁿNG-aySecond-Person Singular ConjugationsdąngeSDAHⁿNG-ayThird-Person Plural Conjugation (definite)nąngawiNAHⁿNG-ah-weeThis term expresses the idea of "to be" which means it and its conjugations cover the English ideas of "am", "is", "are", "was", "were", etc. What it also does is express that the subject is in a sitting position. So if this term were to be used in a sentence to express "God is in Heaven", it would cover "is" and also indicate to the listener that while he "is", the idea of him sitting there is also expressed. This term can also convey the idea of "there" in some cases.Comparedąheunspec. comp. form of-hehąngenąhe1unspec. comp. form of-heyou-all are (while in a sitting position)you-all were (while in a sitting position)you-all are (sitting)He Who Has Come Out Of and In Sightleave the curvilinear object, book, etc., undisturbedbe or become suddenly as before - applicable to curvilinear objects, etc., which take the clause "nąnge"we (3+) are (while in a sitting position)sitting here and therereach sitting positionsitting here and therebe sittingbecomebecome suddenlybecome suddenly, said of curvilinear objectsbecomesrefers to a sitting position, a curvilinear object, or to a part of a whole, clothing, a book, etc.to be placed suddenly (used after verbs)to be or become _______erafter a verb it denotes suddennessafter an adjective, to become smaller, larger, shorter, etc.the next onehe who is or sits nexteach one this sizeeach one this largeeach one this largearrive sittingthey (definite) are (while in a sitting position)they (definite) were (while in a sitting position)they (definite) are (sitting)runnerhide somethingvary the story or speak different words each time that one talksyou are (while in a sitting position)you were (while in a sitting position)there it is sittingthat distant curvilinear object yonderthat distant piece of land in sightdenoting a reversal of past or present state, action, or feeling, of the speakerdenoting a reversal of past or present state, action, or feeling, of another personbe hung up on a hook, nail, or peg: said of curvilinear inanimate objects, etc.hanging (bundle)