hinąnkihee-NAHⁿNG-keeplace or set down a curvilinear or sitting objecttransitive verbplace or put aside a curvilinear object, etc., for another (to whom it does not yet belong)transitive verblay down, place, or put away, a curvilinear object, book, paper, garment, blanket, piece of cloth, etc.transitive verbputtransitive verbput downtransitive verbsettransitive verbset downtransitive verbunspec. comp. form ofhinąngeunspec. comp. form ofnąnge1-hiunspec. comp. form ofnąnge1 1to be (while in a sitting position)-hi 1causeContracted Varianthinąhihee-NAHⁿ-heeFree Variantinąnkiee-NAHⁿNG-keeComparehijehiunspec. comp. form ofhije-hihiwehiunspec. comp. form ofhiwe2 1-hiput a curvilinear object on anythingplace a curvilinear object on another object, as on a tableput away a curvilinear object for someone's child, etc.place curvilinear objects, books, etc., in separate piles or placesdivide curvilinear objects, etc.place a curvilinear object, book, calico, shirt, etc., bottom-upwardscontracted variant ofhinąngehiunspec. comp. form ofhinąnge-hi