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y'agey'AH-gayfree variant ofs'age'age1verbold2noungenerationfree variant'ages'agecfs'agefree variant of'agefree variant ofy'age
*y'agey'AH-gayfree variant of*sh'age
yahⁿverb1sleep2sleeps3asleep4lay5lay down6lie down7lie8liesBa thąntą yą ke.The snow lies white in the distance.iyą2iyą2abrathge yąverblie on one's facedayąverbmade sleepy, as when in a hot room, or out of doors on a calm, warm daygiyątransitive verbmake one sleepy from blowing - said of the windhąwe yąnda hievery dayday after dayiki yąintransitive verblie awakeįnje brathge yąverblie on one's faceiyąyąverblyinglying downmąnda yąverblie on one's backlie on the backnuyąnda hievery two daysrayątransitive verbmake one sleepy by talkingtalk one to sleepruyątransitive verbput to sleep by holding, feeling with the hands, by passes or mesmerismuwathre yąverblie on one's sideuyąverbnounsleep inlie inbedcoucha bed or couchwathraje yąverblie on something that is on another objectwayą1transitive verbrock a child to sleep by pushing the cradle or boardyą gųnraverbsleepyyą hiweverblyingyą jinathgeintransitive verb1sleepy2feel a desire for sleep3feel sleepy or a desire to sleepyą riha'ethose lying downyąndaverbsleeping
-yąyahⁿnounsfx1one2a3anunspec. comp. form ofiyą1
yą gųnrayahⁿ GOOⁿ-nahverbsleepyunspec. comp. form ofgųnra
yą hiweYAHⁿ hee-WAYverblyingunspec. comp. form ofhiwe2
yą jinathgeYAHⁿ jee-NAH-thgayintransitive verb1sleepy2feel a desire for sleep3feel sleepy or a desire to sleepunspec. comp. form ofjinathge
yą riha'eYAHⁿ ree-HAH'-ehthose lying downunspec. comp. form ofriha'e
*yageYAH-gayverb1refers to branches, leaves, blades, etc., being broken and as a result, hanging or drooping down2made larger, as a hole3forked leaves, stems, branches, etc.cfyajegiyagetransitive verbcut off, as a limb, and let hang by a small pieceblow on and partly break off, causing to hang down from the stalk or trunkrayagetransitive verbcause a branch, blade, or ear of corn to break and hang down, instead of remaining as at first - said of a cow, etc., biting at an ear or blade on a cornstalkruyagetransitive verbnounsplitcorn leavespull, as a branch of a tree, or a blade on a cornstalk, breaking it partly off and making it bend downcock a gunwayagetransitive verbpush in a piece of wood between the edges of a split end of a wagon tongue, making them forkedmake a small hole or split larger by pushing or punching at itenlarge a small hole or split by pushing or punchingwiyagetransitive verbmake forked by bearing down on firmly with a knife
yajeYAH-jayadjective-verb1forked2clovencf*yageRuyajeproper nounLeaves Forking
yąndaYAHⁿN-daverbsleepingThe "n" sound appears when the nasal ą is followed quickly by the d.unspec. comp. form of-da1
yąnkecontracted variant ofiyąnke
yąnkicontracted variant ofiyąnki
yaweYAH-way1transitive verbstab2transitive verbspear3transitive verbpierce4transitive verbgore5transitive verbthrust at, as with a knife, lance, etc.6transitive verbstick7nounstickgrayawetransitive verbstab one's own horse, etc., accidentallyiyawe1nouncactuspierce withkiyawetransitive verbstab oneselfrun a sharp point into oneself, as by accidentyiyawenounforksynwiyawe 1composed ofwa-1i-1yawe
yąweYAHⁿ-way1intransitive verbsing2nounsongagiyąwetransitive verbpipe dance anyonedance the pipe dance for any particular personayąweverbpipe-dance anyonedance the calumet dance in honor of anyoneyąwe gasų ahąheverbsing all day until night
yąwe gasų ahąheYAHⁿ-way gah-SOOⁿ ah-HAHⁿ-hayverbsing all day until nightcfich'e gasų ahąheunspec. comp. form ofich'e1gasųahąhe2rahdą gasų ahąheunspec. comp. form ofrahdągasųahąhe2waruje gasų ahąheunspec. comp. form ofwaruje1gasųahąhe2xage gasų ahąheunspec. comp. form ofxage1gasųahąhe2unspec. comp. form ofyąwegasųahąhe2
yąyąYAHⁿ-yahⁿintransitive verblie stretched out
yeyayverb1defecate2shit3dung4go to stool, have an actioniyeverbpurge the bowels, as medicineye jinathgeintransitive verb1feel a desire to stool2feel an inclination to go to stool
ye jinathgeYAY jee-NAH-thgayintransitive verb1feel a desire to stool2feel an inclination to go to stoolunspec. comp. form ofyejinathge
ye mąnkąnouncathartic
yegixeyay-GEE-xayfree variant ofjegixe
yingeYEENG-ayfree variant ofshinge
yinyeYEE-nyayfree variant ofshinge
yiyaweYEE-yah-waynounforkunspec. comp. form ofyawe

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