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u-ooinverbLocative/Positional Prefixpfxunspec. comp. formubeuchiuhaðeunąnge2ut'ąwe1wakąnda nochiingewogųnðechiintoverbLocative/Positional PrefixpfxwithinverbLocative/Positional PrefixpfxveryverbLocative/Positional Prefixpfxunspec. comp. formuxąnjeuxranyiaboutverbLocative/Positional PrefixpfxwhereverbLocative/Positional Prefixpfxunspec. comp. formuskajeabstract noun prefixverbLocative/Positional Prefixpfx-shipverbLocative/Positional Prefixpfx-nessverbLocative/Positional PrefixpfxFree Varianto-Dorsey notes for this term, "Prefixed to nouns and adjectives it converts them into abstract nouns." For example, "threje" is long and "uthreje" is length. Another example is "dotąhą" as leader and "udotąhą" as leadership. This means that when this prefix is used to create abstract nouns, it can answer to the English ideas of "-ship" and "-ness". Wistrand-Robinson classifies this as an "internal location" locative prefix and credits Voegelin for that.Smoky Lodgeput in the mouthbrick or stone oven, used by the white settlersstone or brick oven, used by the white peoplepupilpupil of eyewhite of eyescleraFemale Who Puts Something Horizontal Into a Hole In the Grounddung beetlerobber beetledirty (water)trunk (midsection of body)springthat which holds a kettle over the fireplace a long object in a box, bag, etc.flattenedflatstovesunburnedhave the skin red, and feeling burning hot, as after the sun pours its heat on onearoundaround itput onput on headput on the headwearlay input a curvilinear inanimate object, etc., into a barrel or curvilinear boxput a book, paper, piece of cloth, etc., into the pocketget a woman pregnantput a curvilinear object, book, paper, etc., into a long drawerstand an object into a room, as to put a tall stove into a room or a tall object into a barrelput, as bread, into a panput any long object into a long drawer, box, etc.put an infant into its cradle, wrapping the coverings around itwalk inwhere he walkedsit ininhabit (dwelling)work the feet up and down in mudwearworeput on (a shirt)put on a dress or skirtput on clothesgnaw a hole insuck inflockherdscatter instrew inunwillingrefusebe out of patience with one who is tiresome, disagreeable, impertinent, saucy, or cruelget out of patience with someone, no relationtired of, disgusted with someone or somethinground insplit within an objectsplit, as wood with a wedge and axe or malletput, as bread, into a panput any long object into a long drawer, box, etc.put an infant into its cradle, wrapping the coverings around itappearpeep out, as from within a lodgepeep atlengthfreezechillOtoepour intopour into, as grain, sugar, saltfill intosplit, as a plank or bone by standing on, bearing on, etc.buryintergravefallfall, as from a bank or treelostdropdroppedsleep inlie inbedcoucha bed or couchsongsing abouthave funhave festivities, doingsbathroomfillfullput input intobagplantput something in the earthputsheaf of wheatpost officerun hither and thithershirtblouseclothesclothinggarmentcoatclosetplace to store thingsput away a standing object in a box, etc.pocket in hunting shirt, coat, or vest (garments on the body)pocket in a hunting shirt, vest, or in any upper body garment, but not in pantsclosetreceptaclemillgrist millovenpiecakefeedfeed (for animals)storesomething madedrawing or picturepiece of carved work or statuary
u- 1in
ų'eOOⁿ'-aygroceriesnoununspec. comp. formų'echifoodnoungarden
ų'echiooⁿ'-AY-cheegrocery storenoununspec. comp. form ofų'e 1grocerieschi
u'eraoo'-EH-rahscatterverbunspec. comp. formuną'erascatteredverbscattered, separated, as a large party in huntingverbCompareuru'eunspec. comp. form ofru-
u'sąOO'-sahⁿtravelverbtravel aboutverbgo on a journeyverbBaxoje Variantux'sąOOX'-sahⁿux'shąOOX'-shahⁿFree VariantushąOO-shahⁿux'sąOOX'-sahⁿux'shąOOX'-shahⁿComparei'sąunspec. comp. form ofgi-1i'sąnąunspec. comp. form ofi'są-nąuru'shąunspec. comp. form ofru-
u'są 1travel
u'są 2travel about
u'są 2travel about
u'są 3go on a journey
ubeoo-BAYthrow inverbunspec. comp. form ofu- 1inbe2 1throw
ubethrow in
uboxwanyiBOH-xwah-nyeeblow offtransitive verbunspec. comp. form ofbo-xwanyi
ubrąOO-brahⁿsmellverbodornounsniff atverbscentverbFree VariantobrąCompareurubrąpineIndian perfumesmoke smellmuskmelonrot
ubrą piskunyirotverbunspec. comp. form ofubrąpi skunyicomposed ofpi1-skunyiFree Variantobrą pishkunyeobrą piskunyi
ubrahgeoo-BRAH-hgayfree variant ofubrathgeunspec. comp. form ofu-brathgeunspec. comp. formnobrahge
ubrathgeoo-BRAH-thgayflattenedadjective-verbflatadjective-verbunspec. comp. form ofu-brathgeFree Variantubrahgeoo-BRAH-hgaysternumsolar plexuschestboard
ubrįoo-BREEⁿtwistverbwindverbwind inverbComparehawebrįwrap up
uchioo-CHEElive inverbcampverbunspec. comp. form ofu- 1inchi 5live
uda1oo-DAHOO-dahsomenounsomeonenounrestnounUta ruthe re.Take the rest.Refers to "the rest" as a noun rather than "rest" as a verb.remaindernounleftverblastverbremainverbwhat's left oververbFree VariantotaOH-tahwhat remains, as of an ear of corn, after pushing off some of the grainswhat remains of ice after it breaks up in the river
uda2oo-DAHfree variant ofuhdaunspec. comp. formuda nąngebe hung up on a hook, nail, or peg: said of curvilinear inanimate objects, etc.
udą1oo-DAHⁿturn toward
udą2OO-dahⁿhammertransitive verbnailtransitive verbdrive in, as a nail or spike, by hitting with a hammer, hatchet, ax, mallet, etc.transitive verb
uda nąngeoo-DAH NAHⁿNG-aybe hung up on a hook, nail, or peg: said of curvilinear inanimate objects, etc.verbunspec. comp. form ofuda2free variant ofuhdanąnge1This term refers to something hanging up against something such as a wall or post. It does not refer to something dangling without being against something. That term is "ux'ex'e."
uda nąngebe hung up on a hook, nail, or peg: said of curvilinear inanimate objects, etc.
udahioo-DAH-heespareverbcause to be leftverbunspec. comp. form of-hi
udak'o ugreoo-DAHK'-oh oo-GRAYstovenoununspec. comp. form ofu-dak'ougre2unspec. comp. form ofu-gre2Contracted Variantudak'ugreoo-DAHK'-oo-gray
udak'o xąnjelarge flamenounHellnounFree Variantudak'o xąnye
udak'ugreoo-DAHK'-oo-grayunspec. comp. form ofu-dak'ougre2unspec. comp. form ofu-gre2contracted variant ofudak'o ugreunspec. comp. form ofu-dak'ougre2
uðąnjeoo-ÐAHN-jaylevel prairienoun
uðąnjelevel prairie