Otoe-Missouria - English


t'a1t'AHfree variant ofch'e
t'a2t'AHadjective-verbbittercfpa2free variant ofpakepakexguskunyicomposed ofxgu-skunyi
t'ąt'AHⁿfree variant of1
t'a hąngat'AH HAHⁿNG-ahnoun1corpse2dead body3dead personcfch'e hąngeunspec. comp. form ofch'ehąngeunspec. comp. form oft'a1hąnga
t'ąmp'et'AHⁿMP'-ayadjective-verb1inflated2swollen3distendedDorsey notes that this term means to be "inflated, swollen, distended, so as to be painful."cfwat'amp'eunspec. comp. form oft'ąmp'ewat'amp'eadjective-verbdistended, and hard, as the abdomen sometimes is
t'anąt'AH-nahⁿverbrollrut'anąnountransitive verbwheelroll (by hand)wat'anątransitive verbroll
t'ąnt'ąweTAHⁿNT'-ahⁿ-wayintransitive verbleap or jump repeatedlyunspec. comp. form oft'ąwe1
t'ąnt'ąwehit'AHⁿNT'-ahⁿ-way-heetransitive verbcause one to jump or leap repeatedlyunspec. comp. form oft'ąwehi
t'ąnt'ąwehicause one to jump or leap repeatedly
t'anyet'AH-nyayThird-Person Plural (indefinite)ch'efree variant ofch'enyech'enounthe dead (plural)T'anyesdą waruðewi re.Take only the dead ones.unspec. comp. form oft'a1-nye
t'ąwe1t'AHⁿ-wayverb1jump2jump off3jump (down)4leapMųnje T'ąweproper nounDecemberbear getting downrut'ąwetransitive verbmake a horse jump or prance (once) by pulling on the bridlemake a horse jump (once) by pulling or jerking back the bridlewat'ąwetransitive verbpush, punch, or thrust at a person, and make them jumpwit'ąwetransitive verbmake a horse leap by sitting on them, or by pressing their flank with the foot or spurt'ąnt'ąweintransitive verbleap or jump repeatedlyt'ąwehitransitive verb1make jump2make jump (down)3cause one to leap or jumpt'ąnt'ąwehitransitive verbcause one to jump or leap repeatedly
t'ąnt'ąwehicause one to jump or leap repeatedly
t'ąnt'ąwehitransitive verbcause one to jump or leap repeatedly
t'ąnt'ąwehicause one to jump or leap repeatedly
t'ąwe2t'AHⁿ-wayverbplace or put down a long, horiztonal objectat'ąwe2transitive verbput a horizontal object on something else, which serves as a foundationput a long object on anythingMą Ut'ąwemiproper nounFemale Who Puts Something Horizontal Into a Hole In the GroundMot'ąwemirodadut'ąwetransitive verbplace a long object in a box, bag, etc.ut'ąwe2transitive verbput, as bread, into a panput any long object into a long drawer, box, etc.put an infant into its cradle, wrapping the coverings around it
t'ąwehit'AHⁿ-way-heetransitive verb1make jump2make jump (down)3cause one to leap or jumpunspec. comp. form oft'ąwe1-hit'ąnt'ąwehitransitive verbcause one to jump or leap repeatedly
t'ąnt'ąwehicause one to jump or leap repeatedly
t'ot'OHexclamation for male speakersPi dąnra t'o!It is very good!Dorsey notes, "used by men; answers to the exclamation point. It is used only when they see or think about the object or act which causes the surprise; when they speak about it to others, the oral period must be employed instead."cft'ų1
t'oexclamation for male speakers
*t'oyet'OH-yayfree variant ofdoye
t'ų1t'OOⁿexclamation for female speakersPi dąnra t'ų!It is very good!Dorsey notes, "used by women, answers to the exclamation point, "!".cft'o
t'ų1exclamation for female speakers
t'ų2t'OOⁿdifficultyukit'ųnranounsnaretrapt'ųnjirethgewith great difficultyt'ųnjirethgesjiadverbwith great difficultyt'ųnjirethgesjiadverbwith great difficulty
t'ųnðet'OOⁿN-ðayadjective-verbmuskyTaxumi t'unðenye ke.Goats are musky.cfgrųnðegrųxet'ųxet'ųnðe brąverbsmell musky
t'ųnðe brąt'OOⁿN-day brahⁿverbsmell muskyunspec. comp. form oft'ųnðebrą
t'ųnjireget'ooⁿn-JEE-ray-gayfree variant oft'ųnjirethge
t'ųnjiresget'ooⁿn-JEE-ray-sgayfree variant oft'ųnjirethge
t'ųnjirethget'ooⁿn-JEE-ray-thgaywith great difficultyfree variantt'ųnjireget'ųnjiresgeunspec. comp. form oft'ų2jireithget'ųnjirethgesjiadverbwith great difficulty
t'ųnjirethgesjit'ooⁿn-JEE-ray-thgay-sjeeadverbwith great difficultyunspec. comp. form oft'ųnjirethge-sji
t'uxet'OO-xayverbbreak (eggshell)cftuxebot'uxetransitive verbbreak by forcerit'uxetransitive verbbreak (eggshell)
t'ųxet'OOⁿ-xayadjective-verb1not sweet2slimy, fish-like3smelling strong, like raw meat4smelling as uncooked food though in the pot to be boiled, or in the oven to be baked or roasted testing as vegetables before they mature5fishy, rancid, as grease6smelling like a dead beaver in cold weather, when it has been kept for five or six days without being cookedThis term doesn't refer to something that is spoiled, but merely giving off a strong odor in its raw state.cfgrųnðegrųxet'ųnðe