Otoe-Missouria - English


s-youtransitive verbSubject Pronoun Prefix part 2pfxunspec. comp. formasguasguwiise'aswashiswashiwixąnsdageyou seeyou-all seeyou-all are (while in a sitting position)you-all were (while in a sitting position)you-all are (sitting)you-all are (while moving)you-all were (while moving)you-all are (sitting)you-all are (while in a lying position)you-all were (while in a lying position)you-all are (lying down)you-all are (recumbant)you decideyou are (while in a standing position)you were (while in a standing position)you forgive (him/her/it)you-all forgive (him/her/it)you batheyou reach a standing positionyou-all reach a standing positionyou areyou-all areyou are (while in a sitting position)you were (while in a sitting position)you are (while moving)you were (while moving)you are (sitting)you are (while in a lying position)you were (while in a lying position)you are (recumbant)you bow your head as in prayeryou forgive themyou-all forgive themyou forgive usyou-all forgive us
s'ages'AH-gayis'agefree variant'ageis'agesh'agey'agefree variant ofy'agefree variant of'agefree variant ofs'age'agefree variant ofs'agefree variant ofy'agecomplex form:wąns'aold manvenerable man
s'age 1
s'age 1
s'age 2
*s'ages'AH-gayfree variant of*sh'age
s'age wexas'AH-gay WAY-xahvery oldadjective-verboldestadjective-verb
s'es'es'EHS'-ehdropdripCompareex'ex'eunspec. comp. form ofex'e
s'oges'OH-gaycallous, as any hard place on which the skin has formed by a burn or otherwiseadjective-verbknotty, as wood that cannot be splitadjective-verbthe prominent part of the back of the headbite and raise a lump - said of persons and horsesunevenhillylumpybumpyrough (pocked, pimply)rough (road)pockedpimplypunch at and raise a lump onmake a sore or lump on a horse's back, by sitting on them a long time
s'os'oges'OH-s'oh-gayunevenadjective-verbhillyadjective-verblumpyadjective-verbbumpyadjective-verbrough (pocked, pimply)adjective-verbsynpopoge 6unspec. comp. form ofpogex'ox'o 9unspec. comp. form ofx'orough (road)adjective-verbpockedadjective-verbsynpopoge 7unspec. comp. form ofpogex'ox'o 6unspec. comp. form ofx'opimplyadjective-verbsynpopoge 8unspec. comp. form ofpogex'ox'o 5unspec. comp. form ofx'ounspec. comp. form ofs'oge
sahⁿarchaic variantthąntą
-sąfree variant of-sų
sage1SAH-gaynailnounThe idea behind this term is "fingernail" rather than a metal nail used for construction.fingernailnounclawnoununspec. comp. formSage PahįhoofnounhardverbFree VariantshageComparethakebear claw necklacefingernailnail (on the hands)fingernailnail (on fingers)press outexpress?stormthunder-stormstormtornadohurricanetoenailtoenailnail (on the feet)toetoenail
sage onąngefree variant ofsage unąngeunspec. comp. form ofsage1unąnge1
Sage PahįSAH-gay PAH-heeⁿSharp Clawsproper noununspec. comp. form ofsage1 3clawpahį1 1sharp
sage unąngepress outverbunspec. comp. form ofsage1unąnge1Free Variantsage onąngeComparebrixe unąngeunspec. comp. form ofbrixeunąnge1
sagweSAH-gwaysixFree VariantshagweSHAH-gwaythagweTHAH-gwaysixteensixtysixth timesix in each placesix timessixfoldsix at a timesix togethersix to eachsixthsixth
sagwe wamąhąSAH-gway wah-MAHⁿ-nahⁿsix in each placeunspec. comp. form ofsagwewamąhą
sagwe wamąhąsix in each place
sagwehąSAH-gway-hahⁿsix timesunspec. comp. form ofsagwe-hąFree VariantshagwehaSHAH-gway-hah
sagwehąsix times
sagwekihąSAH-gway-KEE-hahⁿsixfoldunspec. comp. form ofsagweekihą
sagwenąSAH-gway-nahⁿsix at a timesix togetherunspec. comp. form ofsagwe
sagweną 1six at a time
sagweną 2six together
sagwenąnąSAH-gway-NAHⁿ-nahⁿsix to eachunspec. comp. form ofsagweinąną
sagwenąnąsix to each
SąhąSAHⁿ-hahⁿSiouxproper nounDakotasproper nounFree VariantShąhąSHAHⁿ-hahⁿ
Sąhą 2Dakotas
SahiSAH-heeCheyenneproper noun
sahmaSAH-hmahsevenadjective-verbArchaic VariantsaxemąFree VariantshahmaSHAH-hmahseventeenseventyseventh timeseven in each placeseven timessevenfoldseven at a timeseven togetherseven to eachseventhseventh
sahma wamąhąSAH-hmah wah-MAHⁿ-hahⁿseven in each placeunspec. comp. form ofsahmawamąhą
sahma wamąhąseven in each place
sahmahąSAH-hmah-hahⁿseven timesunspec. comp. form ofsahma-hąFree VariantshahmahąSHAH-hmah-hahⁿ
sahmahąseven times