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p'ąmp'ąnjep'AHⁿMP'-ahⁿn-jayverb1spongy2rubbery3softGordon Marsh gives the example of "tires" to describe the idea of "spongy" and "soft".unspec. comp. form ofp'ąnjeahu p'ąmp'ąnjenounrubber tirenąmanyi p'ąmp'ąnjenouncarautomobilewagri p'ąmp'ąnjenounworm
p'ąnjep'AHⁿN-jayverbpress something softrap'ąnjetransitive verbshake an object slowly once, by holding between the teeth, etc.rup'ąnjetransitive verbtake hold of an unsteady object, and shake it slowly oncetilt up an object by pulling up at one endsqueeze (ball)wip'ąnjetransitive verbmake an object shake slowly once, by bearing on it, or by blowing on it with the mouthmove an object by bearing down one endp'ąmp'ąnjeverb1spongy2rubbery3softahu p'ąmp'ąnjenąmanyi p'ąmp'ąnjewagri p'ąmp'ąnje
p'įmp'įxep'EEⁿMP'-eeⁿ-xayadjective-verb1soft (like thick carpet)unspec. comp. form ofp'įxewip'įmp'įxetransitive verbpress on cloth, and make it ruffle up
p'įxep'EEⁿ-xayverbdrawn or puckered upp'įmp'įxeadjective-verb1soft (like thick carpet)wip'įmp'įxe
p'op'oyep'oh-p'OH-yayp'OH-p'oh-yay1soft2soften3pulverized4in shreds, slivers, etc.Though this term does not begin with gra-, gru-, etc., it still uses he- and re- for the first and second-person conjugations respectively. This term refers to the idea of soft as in soft like grass, sand, or carpet.cfswąnraAminą P'op'oye Chinaproper nounCushinggip'op'oyetransitive verbbeat up a feather bed till it becomes lightmake earth dusty or friable by beating with a blunt instrumentrap'op'oyetransitive verbchew a stick into shreds or sliversrip'op'oyeverbpull or tear into shreds or tatters: said of someone who goes through the woods, where there is no path, when the prickly ash, etc., tears their clothing until it hangs in tatters and is full of holes; said also of the separated strands of an untwisted rope, and of a stick that has been twisted round and round until all in slivers and shredswap'op'oyetransitive verbpunch, into slivers or shreds, as a rope
p'osgep'OH-sgay1adjective-verbfluffy2adjective-verbpuffed3adjective-verbpuffed up4nounbump5adjective-verbbushy6adjective-verbrounded7swelling up8adjective-verbdistendedfree variantp'oshgerap'osgetransitive verbdistend the mouth by taking into it food or drinkThįnje P'osgemiproper nounBushy Tail Womanwabuthge dap'osgenounyeast bread after it has been raised (puffed up)widap'osgenounbaking powderwip'osgetransitive verbinflate by blowing with the mouthwap'osgeverb1swollenNąwe riwap'osge ke/ki.Your hands are swollen.2distendedNyixa hįwap'osge ke/ki.My stomach is distended.3puffed up4inflated
p'oshgep'OH-shgayfree variant ofp'osge
pa1pahnoun1headpahaskanoun1white head2Catholic priest2head (of an animal)3skull4nose (of a human)5nosepa wabage1nounbloody nose2nounnose bleed3verbbleed at the nosepa wax'ojenounperforation of the septum of the nosepanyiuhurunny noseModern sources refer to this term as an animal's head or a human nose. However older sources list this term as simply "head."cfpa goyeunspec. comp. form ofpa1goyepagepasgiunspec. comp. form ofpa1pasopeChe Paproper nounBuffalo HeadBuffalo SkullKąnsa Paproper nounKaw HeadKansee HeadKax'e Paproper nounCrow Headnąpasdąnounwarclub (wood with a smooth head - a kind of warclub)waką pa sujenounred-headed snakewanąxe panounskullwapasgowenounlionapasgowenounlionahemą'shi apasgowe
pa ahejenounnostrils2.1Bodypa ekipahead to headpa goyenoun1beak nose2.1Body2Roman nose2.1Bodypa rigrųnjetransitive verb1break or pull off the head2hang a personpa rotąadjective-verbstraight nosepa x'ojenounnostrils2.1Body
pa x'ojenostrils
Pa Xegeproper nounDried Skull9.7.1.1Personal namespahį2nounhairpahį 'ų reverb1drag2drag a loadpahį riberįverbcurly (hair)pahįsągray-hairedpapahįnoun1cactus2prickly pearpahį 'ų reverb1drag2drag a loadpahį riberįverbcurly (hair)pahįsągray-hairedpapahįnoun1cactus2prickly pearpasginounpug nose2.1Bodypawabagenounnosebleedpaxrinoun1nose mucus2excretion of the nasal fossaepaxri raxogeverbsniff, snuff up the nosepaxri raxogeverbsniff, snuff up the nose
pa2pahfree variant ofpakeadjective-verb1bitter2sharp tastecfpaket'a2xguskunyixgu-skunyi
pa3contracted variant ofpahį1
pahⁿnounclothpąngreðe wowagaxenounfigured calicopąhgafree variant ofpąthkapąntoingenounpatchpąthkanoun1cloth2white cloth3blanket4broadclothpathka gibrabranounflag (American flag)
pa ahejepah ah-HAY-jaynounnostrilsunspec. comp. form ofpa1
pa ekipapah AY-kee-pahhead to headunspec. comp. form ofpa1ekipa
pa goyepah GOH-yaynoun1beak nose2Roman nosecfpa1pasgiunspec. comp. form ofpa1unspec. comp. form ofpa1goye
pa isąsąhiPAH ee-SAHⁿ-sahⁿ-heeverbshake the load
pa rigrųnjepah ree-GROOⁿN-jaytransitive verb1break or pull off the head2hang a personunspec. comp. form ofpa1rigrųnje
pa rotąpah ROH-tahⁿadjective-verbstraight noseunspec. comp. form ofpa1rotą
pa wabagepah wah-BAH-gay1nounbloody nose2nounnose bleed3verbbleed at the noseunspec. comp. form ofpa1 5wabage 1
pa wax'ojePAH wahx'-OH-jaynounperforation of the septum of the noseunspec. comp. form ofpa1 5wa-2x'oje
pa x'ojepah x'OH-jaynounnostrilsunspec. comp. form ofpa1x'oje
pa x'ojenostrils
Pa Xegepah XAY-gayproper nounDried Skullunspec. comp. form ofpa1xege 1
Padukapah-DOO-kahproper nounComanchefree variantPadųnke
Padųnkepah-DOOⁿNG-kayfree variant ofPaduka
pagePAH-gaynounnosecfpa1paxąnjedial. var. ofmįxexąnjefree variant ofmįxexąnje
pagrąpah-GRAHⁿPAH-grahⁿ1firstPagrą Jimiproper nounOne That Lit First9.7.1.1Personal names2before3fore4ahead5formerly6at the firstcfpagrą nąhaunspec. comp. form ofpagrąnąha2pagrąndaunspec. comp. form ofpagrą-da1hąwe pagrąrihigiin the former or first daysipagrą nąhafirstPagrą Dąheproper nounAhead9.7.1.1Personal namesPagrą Dąhemiproper nounAhead9.7.1.1Personal namesPagrą Huheproper nounComing First9.7.1.1Personal namesPagrohePagrą Huhemiproper nounComing First9.7.1.1Personal namesPagrohemiPagrą Jiproper noun1Auguste9.7.1.1Personal names2Arriving First9.7.1.1Personal names3One That Lit First9.7.1.1Personal namespagrą jire1beginning2begin3be firstpagrą manyiverbwalk before or at the head of a body of people, etc.Pagrą Manyimiproper nounWalks Ahead Woman9.7.1.1Personal namespagrą nąha1first2oldest (first born)
pagrą nąha 2oldest (first born)
pagrą nąha'enoun1leader2first onePagrą Nąheproper nounFemale Who Walks Ahead9.7.1.1Personal namespagrąhą1first time2the first timepagrąndaadverb1formerly2long ago3at the first4at the first or beginning - said of one act or event5in former timespagrąndageadverb1several times in the past2at several former timespagrąndageadverb1several times in the past2at several former timespagrąngiadverb1formerly2at the first or beginning - said of one act or event