Otoe-Missouria - English


p'ąnjep'AHⁿN-jaypress something softverbspongyrubberysoftshake an object slowly once, by holding between the teeth, etc.take hold of an unsteady object, and shake it slowly oncetilt up an object by pulling up at one endsqueeze (ball)make an object shake slowly once, by bearing on it, or by blowing on it with the mouthmove an object by bearing down one end
p'įxep'EEⁿ-xaydrawn or puckered upverbsoft (like thick carpet)
p'op'oyep'oh-p'OH-yayp'OH-p'oh-yaysoftantthith'e 1softenpulverizedin shreds, slivers, etc.Though this term does not begin with gra-, gru-, etc., it still uses he- and re- for the first and second-person conjugations respectively. This term refers to the idea of soft as in soft like grass, sand, or carpet.CompareswąnraCushingbeat up a feather bed till it becomes lightmake earth dusty or friable by beating with a blunt instrumentchew a stick into shreds or sliverspull or tear into shreds or tatters: said of someone who goes through the woods, where there is no path, when the prickly ash, etc., tears their clothing until it hangs in tatters and is full of holes; said also of the separated strands of an untwisted rope, and of a stick that has been twisted round and round until all in slivers and shredspunch, into slivers or shreds, as a rope
p'osgep'OH-sgayfluffyadjective-verbpuffedadjective-verbpuffed upadjective-verbbumpnounbushyadjective-verbunspec. comp. formThįnje P'osgeroundedadjective-verbswelling updistendedadjective-verbFree Variantp'oshgep'OH-shgayplumedistend the mouth by taking into it food or drinkBushy Tail Womanyeast bread after it has been raised (puffed up)swollendistendedpuffed upinflatedbaking powderinflate by blowing with the mouth
p'oshgep'OH-shgayfree variant ofp'osge
pa2pahfree variant ofpake
pa3contracted variant ofpahį1
pahⁿclothnoununspec. comp. formpąngreðe wowagaxepatchclothwhite clothblanketbroadclothflag (American flag)
pa ekipapah AY-kee-pahhead to headunspec. comp. form ofpa1ekipaunspec. comp. form ofki-
pa isąsąhiPAH ee-SAHⁿ-sahⁿ-heeshake the loadverb
pa rigrųnjepah ree-GROOⁿN-jaybreak or pull off the headtransitive verbhang a persontransitive verbunspec. comp. form ofpa1rigrųnjeunspec. comp. form ofri-2grųnje 2
pa rotąpah ROH-tahⁿstraight noseadjective-verbunspec. comp. form ofpa1rotą
pa wax'ojePAH wahx'-OH-jayperforation of the septum of the nosenoununspec. comp. form ofpa1 5nosewa-2x'oje
Pa Xegepah XAY-gayDried Skullproper noununspec. comp. form ofpa1xege 1dried
Padųnkepah-DOOⁿNG-kayfree variant ofPaduka
pagrąpah-GRAHⁿPAH-grahⁿfirstanturage2 1unspec. comp. formPagrą JimibeforeHamilton and Irvin note on page 149 of their "An Ioway Grammar", "Before, in place, or time, when past time is referred to, is expressed by to-re-ta, or pa-kra."foreaheadanturage2 3formerlyat the firstComparepagrą nąhaunspec. comp. form ofpagrąnąha2pagrąndaunspec. comp. form ofpagrą-da1in the former or first daysfirstAheadAheadComing FirstComing FirstAugusteArriving FirstOne That Lit Firstbeginningbeginbe firstwalk before or at the head of a body of people, etc.Walks Ahead Womanfirstoldest (first born)leaderfirst oneFemale Who Walks Aheadfirst timethe first timeformerlylong agoat the firstat the first or beginning - said of one act or eventin former timesformerlyat the first or beginning - said of one act or event
Pagrą Dąhemipah-GRAHⁿ dahⁿ-HAY-meeAheadproper noununspec. comp. form ofpagrądąheunspec. comp. form of-he-mi 1femalecontracted variant ofmingeComparePagrą Dąheunspec. comp. form ofpagrądąhe
Pagrą Huhemipah-GRAHⁿ HOO-hay-meeComing Firstproper noununspec. comp. form ofpagrąhuheunspec. comp. form ofhu2 1-he-mi 1femalecontracted variant ofmingeContracted VariantPagrohemipah-GROH-hay-meeComparePagrą Huheunspec. comp. form ofpagrąhuhe
Pagrą Jipah-GRAHⁿ jeeAugusteproper nounThis most likely is not the correct translation of this name ("auguste" is an unlucky, often clumsy circus clown). It may have been used due to the language barrier and one of those present at the signing of this treaty was a man named Auguste Choteau.Arriving Firstproper nounOne That Lit Firstproper noununspec. comp. form ofpagrąjiComparePagrą Jimiunspec. comp. form ofpagrą 1ji 8-mi 3
Pagrą Jimipah-GRAHⁿ JEE-meeOne That Lit Firstproper noununspec. comp. form ofpagrą 1firstji 8lit-mi 3feminine name indicatorcontracted variant ofmingeComparePagrą Jiunspec. comp. form ofpagrąji
pagrą jirepah-GRAHⁿ JEE-rayPAH-grahⁿ JEE-raybeginningbeginbe firstunspec. comp. form ofpagrąjire
pagrą manyipah-GRAHⁿ MAH-nyeewalk before or at the head of a body of people, etc.verbunspec. comp. form ofpagrąmanyi
Pagrą Manyimipah-GRAHⁿ MAH-nyee-meWalks Ahead Womanproper noununspec. comp. form ofpagrąmanyi-mi 1femalecontracted variant ofminge
pagrą nąha'epah-GRAHⁿ nahⁿ-HAH'-ayPAH-grahⁿ nahⁿ-HAH'-ayleadernounfirst onenoununspec. comp. form ofpagrąnąha'eunspec. comp. form ofnąha2'e
Pagrą Nąhepah-GRAHⁿ nahⁿ-HAYFemale Who Walks Aheadproper noununspec. comp. form ofpagrąnąhe1unspec. comp. form of-he