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-na1interrogative variant-nye
1free variant of3
3nahⁿnoun1treeną hujenountree stumpną huje iru'ąNą Jijeproper noun1Lighting on a Tree9.7.1.1Personal names2Bird Lighting On a Tree9.7.1.1Personal names3Bird Sitting On a Tree9.7.1.1Personal namesNą Jijemiproper noun1Lighting on a Tree9.7.1.1Personal names2Female Who Placed a Stick Upright9.7.1.1Personal names3Stick Placed Upright Female9.7.1.1Personal names4Female Who Put Down a Pile of Wood9.7.1.1Personal namesnąsujeingenounredbud treeNodwaxe Nayįproper noun1Standing in the Top of a Tree2He Who Stands At or On a Point or Tip End of a Tree9.7.1.1Personal names2woodną rugwaverbgather woodną tugenounwooden spoonnąnthrejepolenerugrųnjenounsawsynnewagrųnjeunspec. comp. form of3iwagrųnjecontracted variant ofną iwagrųnjenogwąnounwood pile3pole4timberNerodąwemiproper nounOne Examining Timber9.7.1.1Personal namesfree variant1ną ahunoun1tree limb2limbną aruch'enouncrossnąruch'e
ną aruch'ecross
ną exagrenounbranch when on the treeną exagre hąnganounthe branch, if on the groundną exagre hąnganounthe branch, if on the groundną gidadanounwoodpeckerną gigątransitive verbadze wood, to hew it with a broad axe
ną gigąadze wood, to hew it with a broad axe
ną gigragrųnjetransitive verbcut one's wood off with an ax
ną gigragrųnjecut one's wood off with an ax
ną giweðetransitive verbcut wood
ną giweðecut wood
ną ibagrųnjenoun1sawsynną iwagrųnjeunspec. comp. form of3iwagrųnje2hand sawną igagąnounadzeną irawat'onounbrace or prop, as for a wall or buildingNą Irodąwemiproper nounFemale Who Examines Timber9.7.1.1Personal namesNirodąweminą iwagrųnjenounsawsynną ibagrųnje 1unspec. comp. form of3i-1ba-grųnjenewagrųnjeną iwax'enoun1rasp2filenewax'eNą Nuweproper nounTwo Wood9.7.1.1Personal namesNą Nuwemiproper nounTwo Wood9.7.1.1Personal namesną omįyefree variant ofną umįyeną orath'į nąhanounfruitnorath'į nąhaną umįyenounfloornomįyeną urushįnoun1drum2wooden drumną uyąnoun1baby board2cradleboardną uyutransitive verbplant (tree)ną wathgenounwooden bowlną wigųnðenoun1cord2measure of woodną wirushagenounwedgeną wowagaxenouncarved woodną xegenoun1dried tree, one without sap2dead tree
ną xege 1dried tree, one without sap
ną xege 2dead tree
ną'awenoun1leaf2limbnato xwanyi1autumn2fallnato xwanyidanounautumn moonsnato xwanyidanounautumn moonsnato xwanyi1autumn2fallnato xwanyidanounautumn moonsnato xwanyidanounautumn moonsnągixenounbrushwoodnąha1nounbark (tree bark)nąhdwegrąngenoun1raspberry5.2Food2mulberry5.2Foodnąingenoun1stick2bough3cane4staffnąinyefree variant ofnąingenąmanyinoun1car2wagon3wagon, cart, wheel, etc.4toy wagonewaki'į nąmanyiisda nąmanyinąmanyi dak'onoun1railroad2trainsynpeje manyiunspec. comp. form ofpejemanyinąmanyi gihuhuðenounspring under a wagonnąmanyi p'ąmp'ąnjenoun1car2automobilenąmanyi uwe ruyanouncar washnąmanyi dak'onoun1railroad2trainsynpeje manyiunspec. comp. form ofpejemanyinąmanyi gihuhuðenounspring under a wagonnąmanyi p'ąmp'ąnjenoun1car2automobilenąmanyi uwe ruyanouncar washnąmbothrajenoun1tree2standing woodnąmbrathge1noun1boardnąmbrathge ethųnje2plank3lumbernąmpahįhįnounthornnąmpyubrąnoun1pine2Indian perfumenąnąxąnoun1log2fallen treenąnyinoun1sugar5.2Foodnanyiði2syrup5.2Food3honey5.2Food4strained honey5molasses6maplewagri nąnyinąnyi thuthunounsugar5.2Foodnąnyi webrinouncandynąnyuyunounsugar bowlnąnyi thuthunounsugar5.2Foodnąnyi webrinouncandynąnyuyunounsugar bowlnąpasdąnounwarclub (wood with a smooth head - a kind of warclub)nąruch'efree variant ofną aruch'econtracted variant ofną aruch'enąwą'shigenoundollnąwarithrohąnoun1dragging poles2travois poles
nąwarithrohą 1dragging poles
nąwarithrohą 2travois poles
nąxą2noun1log2fallen treenąnąxąnąxąmanyinounlog bridgenąxąmanyinounlog bridgenąxąnjenounlognąxąnje ibagrųnjenąxogranounfloating log or treenąxogranounfloating log or treenąyąwenoun1fiddle2singing woodnąyąwe 'ųverbplay a fiddlenąyąwe 'ųverbplay a fiddlenegrąngenounmulberry5.2Foodnerumatransitive verb1drill2bore3cutneruminounaugernewagrųnjecontracted variant ofną iwagrųnjenounsawsynnerugrųnjeunspec. comp. form of3 2i-1ru-grųnjenewax'econtracted variant ofną iwax'enobrahgefree variant ofnobrathgenobrathgeboardNojemiproper noun1Female Who Seeks for Wood9.7.1.1Personal names2Female Seeking Wood9.7.1.1Personal names3Female Who Strikes Wood9.7.1.1Personal namesnomįyecontracted variant ofną umįyenounfloornorath'į nąhacontracted variant ofną orath'į nąhanounfruit
ną-nahⁿverbpfx1by means of foot or feetnąmbrathge2verb1trample2trample flat3flatten with the feet4trample flat with the feetnąndutheverbtrampleXaje NaduthenąnthrathrajeverbtrotsynkithrathrajeNąnthrathrajeNąnthrathrajemi2by means of machinery3with the footaguje nąmbraðeverbburst or tear open the moccasinsanąnthųnjetransitive verbtread on an object lying on the ground, floor, etc.anąxwanyitransitive verbkick one object down on anotherinąngrųnjetransitive verbcut an object with (a mowing machine, reaper, etc.)kinąsdujeverbwarm oneself by walking fastkinąx'itransitive verbscratch oneself with the footunąnthrithriverbwork the feet up and down in mudWanąnthųnjeproper nounHe Who Jumps On the Man He Is About to KillHe Who Puts His Foot Down On an Object to Prevent Its Escapewinąnðunounthrasherthrashing machinexami nąngrųnjetransitive verbcut grass or hay via a machinexami nąwaxenounlawnmowermowing machineną'ątransitive verblift an object by putting the foot under itnąhari dąnraverbrun or walk farnąhdagefree variant ofnąsdagewanąhdagenąhege skunyiverb1kick one hard and make a deep or severe woundnąmbraðeverbrend or tear open with the foot, or by machineryaguje nąmbraðeagutą nąmbraðenąmbrųxeverb1crunch (sound) with the feet2make crunching noise with feet3make crunch sound with feetnąndayeverb1blistered on the feetThi Nadaye2blister the feet from walking or running very farnąndayįfree variant ofnąndayeThi Nadayįnąndohesprain, hurt anklenąndoyeverb1break a long object by foot2break by foot3break with the footnąngrageverbmake the sound heard when one treads on loose planksnąngragrageverbmake the sound "grage" repeatedly, as when walking or running on loose planksnąngragrageverbmake the sound "grage" repeatedly, as when walking or running on loose planksnąnk'overbwipe or rub the feetnąnkogeverbstampnąs'ąweverblimpnąsdąverb1halt2come to a stopnąsdagetransitive verbkickPihi nąsdage ke/ki.He/she kicked it again.wanąsdagewanąsdasdagenąsdajeverb1kick out one's feetnąsh'ageverbfail in producing the desired effect with the foot or by machinerynąwaxetransitive verb1break, as a string, with the foot2cut off cord, stalks of wheat, grass, etc., by machinery3break with the footnąwogaðoverbwalk straight, as a sober personnąwutransitive verbcause to swell by kicking or by treading onnąxą1verbkeep on his way, walking through deep snow or tall grass and thicketsnąxagetransitive verbmake cry by stepping onnąxawįintransitive verbwalk pigeon-toeduną'eratransitive verbkick and break in pieces, scattering the fragments on any objectunąswaswaverb1tread or kick out pieces, as from soft ground2take out pieces of an object by machinery
-nąnahⁿ1sfxand2sfxit is3sfxis4sfxare5sfxhaving6sfxbeforeWarajiną raji?Did you eat before you came? (Having eaten, did you come?)7sfxto be8sfxused to9sfxprogressive aspectBaje uminąwiną nyi xąnje rut'awi ke/ki.Sitting in a canoe, they crossed the river.10verbsfxpast tense suffix11sfxbeingUsing this suffix can create a noun out of a verb or indicate that a preceding statement/phrase is to be taken as once unit. This latter use indicates that the statement is not yet complete and that there is more to come. Marsh notes, "It makes a nominal form out of a verb. It performs the function of indicating that the preceding element is to be taken as a unit (Our participles do this)."free variant-recf-ta2'ųną1did it andhe did it againagrį grerabrįnąeighteen at a time, or togetheragrį iyąnkinąeleven together, or at a timearenąthereforethis being the casearethganąverbbe somewhat likeresemble it a littledagura 'ųnąewa 'ųnąverbbeing made by someone elsehe/she did it and...gisdąnkenątransitive verbdeceivebaitgrebrą agrį grerabrįnąeighteen at a time, or togethergrebrą agrį iyąnkinąeleven together, or at a timehiną ruðetransitive verbgo and get iti'sąnąverbhoneymoongo on a honeymoonvoyageIgragenąmiproper nounFemale Who Usually Recognizes Her OwnIhąnjenąmiproper nounFemale Who Dreams Regularlyjare gų'ųnąthusjehethganą se ehave thought previously that it was just as one sees him, her, or itbe as one sees someone or it, having thought it was sojethganą se everbbe just as one thought and said - used after seeing the condition of affairsmasų unąngenąverbsignmįngrahenąsuddenlynąnt'udąnątransitive verbas one pitied someonenowenąnuwenątwo togethertwo at a timenyi xųnąnounverbwaterfallspillingse arethganą se ehave thought it to be like that-skunyiną...skunyineither...nortųnt'ų 'ųnąWhat's the matter?uparehiną'sųverbinvestigatewabage hunąintransitive verbbleedwewesdąnkenąwinątransitive verbthey deceived usthey baited us
ną ahunahⁿ AH-hoonoun1tree limb2limbunspec. comp. form of3ahu
ną aruch'eNAHⁿ ah-ROOCH'-ehnouncrossnąruch'efree variantnąruch'enąruch'eunspec. comp. form of3aruch'e
ną aruch'ecross
ną exagrenahⁿ ay-XAH-graynounbranch when on the treeunspec. comp. form of3exagreną exagre hąnganounthe branch, if on the ground
ną exagre hąnganahⁿ ay-XAH-gray HAHⁿNG-ahnounthe branch, if on the groundunspec. comp. form ofną exagrehąnga
ną gidadaNAHⁿ gee-DAH-dahnounwoodpeckerunspec. comp. form of3gidada
ną gigąnahⁿ gee-GAHⁿtransitive verbadze wood, to hew it with a broad axeunspec. comp. form of3gigą
ną gigąadze wood, to hew it with a broad axe
ną gigragrųnjenahⁿ gee-GRAH-grooⁿn-jaytransitive verbcut one's wood off with an axcfxami gigragrųnjeunspec. comp. form ofxamigigragrųnjeunspec. comp. form of3gigragrųnje
ną gigragrųnjecut one's wood off with an ax
ną giweðenahⁿ gee-WAY-ðaytransitive verbcut woodunspec. comp. form of3giweðe
ną giweðecut wood
ną hujenahⁿ HOO-jaynountree stumpną huje iru'ąnoun1fallen tree stumpunspec. comp. form of3 1huje 1
ną huje iru'ąnahⁿ HOO-jay ee-ROO'-ahⁿnoun1fallen tree stumpunspec. comp. form ofną hujeiru'ą
ną ibagrųnjeNAHⁿ ee-BAH-grooⁿn-jaynoun1saw2hand sawcfną iwagrųnjeunspec. comp. form of3iwagrųnjeunspec. comp. form of3i-1ba-grųnje
ną igagąnahⁿ ee-GEE-gahⁿnounadzeunspec. comp. form of3i-1gigą
ną irawat'onahⁿ ee-RAH-waht'-ohnounbrace or prop, as for a wall or buildingcfawat'ounspec. comp. form ofwa-2irawat'ounspec. comp. form of3irawat'o
Ną Irodąweminahⁿ EE-roh-DAHⁿ-way-meeproper nounFemale Who Examines TimberNirodąwemiNirodąwemiunspec. comp. form of3irodąwe-mi 1
ną iwagrųnjeNAHⁿ ee-WAH-grooⁿn-jaynounsawnewagrųnjenewagrųnjecfną ibagrųnjeunspec. comp. form of3i-1ba-grųnjeunspec. comp. form of3iwagrųnje
ną iwax'enahⁿ ee-WAHX'-aynoun1rasp2filenewax'enewax'eunspec. comp. form of3i-1wax'e
Ną Jijenahⁿ JEE-jayproper noun1Lighting on a Tree2Bird Lighting On a Tree3Bird Sitting On a TreecfNą Jijemiunspec. comp. form of3 1jije1-mi 1unspec. comp. form of3 1jije1
Ną Jijeminahⁿ JEE-jay-meenahⁿ jee-JAY-meeproper noun1Lighting on a Tree2Female Who Placed a Stick Upright3Stick Placed Upright Female4Female Who Put Down a Pile of WoodcfNą Jijeunspec. comp. form of3 1jije1unspec. comp. form of3 1jije1-mi 1
Ną Nuwenahⁿ NOO-wayproper nounTwo WoodcfNą Nuwemiunspec. comp. form of3nuwe 1-mi 1unspec. comp. form of3nuwe 1