Otoe-Missouria - English


k'a1k'AHfree variant ofk'e
k'a2of action in past time, not continuing into the present
k'a2of action in past time, not continuing into the present
k'ak'ak'AHK'-ahverbpawThis term is a verb. It is not a noun and therefore does not refer to something like a dog's paw.unspec. comp. form ofk'e
k'ąnrak'AHⁿ-nahverbmeltcfdathgąunspec. comp. form ofda-2thgąthgąnraunspec. comp. form ofthgąara2
k'ąnthak'AHⁿN-thahfree variant ofkąntha2
k'ąnthagek'AHⁿN-thah-gayfree variant ofkąnthage
k'arek'AH-ray1expressing probability2it seems3perhapscfasgųk'are ireverbthink sothink thusk'are hnasgų1may yet2(subject) think (subject) shall yet
k'are 1expressing probability
k'are 2it seems
k'are 3perhaps
k'are hnasgųk'AH-ray HNAH-sgooⁿ1may yet2(subject) think (subject) shall yetunspec. comp. form ofk'arehnasgų
k'are irek'AH-ray ee-RAYverb1think soRe k'are ihare ke.I think that he is going.2think thusunspec. comp. form ofk'areire1
K'auwak'AH-oo-wahproper nounKiowaThis term shows a rare combination of two vowels without a glottal stop.
k'ek'EHverbdigfree variantk'a1Mą K'anyeproper nounAprilplow monthmąk'everbplowmąwagik'enounfarmermek'enounfarmershovelspadehoenyi k'enounwell of waterk'ak'averbpaw
-k'hjik'hjeefree variant of-sjiThis variant uses the glottal stop which produces the "k" sound.
k'įk'EEⁿ1verbcarry2verbcarry on the back3verbcarry or pack in a bundle on the back4verbcarry or bear an object or load on the back, usually with the aid of a strap around the head or back5nounpack6verbdraw7verbtransport8verbwear9verbhave on (wear)10verbhas on (wear)gik'įtransitive verbcarry another person's property for them, the shape of it not being specifiedcarry (on the back) another's property, by their requestmanyi k'į chinounhuthutsnyi k'įverbfetch waterriwayu gik'įtransitive verbcarry a child (not one's own) in a blanket tied up at both ends and slung across the back, and over the neckriwayu grak'įtransitive verbcarry one's own child in a blanket tied up at both ends and slung across the back, and over the neckwagik'įtransitive verbcarry other persons' property for them, its shape not being specifiedk'įhiverb1make carry
k'į 3carry or pack in a bundle on the back
k'įhik'EEⁿ-heeverb1make carryunspec. comp. form ofk'į-hi
k'irak'ee-RAH1each2everycfk'iranąunspec. comp. form ofk'irahąwe k'irasjiadverbevery dayeach dayk'iranąeverypihi k'iranąsware k'iranąhąwe k'iraną
k'iranąk'ee-RAH-nahⁿeverycfk'iraunspec. comp. form ofk'irahąwe k'iranąevery day
k'ok'OH1nounthunderK'oingeproper nounLittle Thunder2verbthunderK'o Manyiproper noun1Walking Thunder9.7.1.1Personal names2Rumbling Thunder9.7.1.1Personal names3Rolling Thunder9.7.1.1Personal namescfgrągrąunspec. comp. form ofgragek'o manyiverb1thunderingMąnto K'o Manyi2thundering around
*k'ok'OHverbwipefree variant*k'unąnk'overbwipe or rub the feetwak'otransitive verbwipewipe drydraw a line over writing or the record of a debtwipe out or cancel a debtforgive a debt or injury
k'o manyik'OH MAH-nyeeverb1thundering2thundering aroundThis term refers to the rumbling or rolling of thunder after the intitial heavy clap.composed ofk'omanyi
K'o Manyik'OH MAH-nyeeproper noun1Walking Thunder2Rumbling Thunder3Rolling ThunderDorsey notes with his translation of "Walking Thunder", "such as is heard rumbling or rolling after a heavy peal." Hamilton notes "such as is heard after a loud clap, moving along."unspec. comp. form ofk'o 2manyi
K'oingek'OH-eeng-ayproper nounLittle Thunderunspec. comp. form ofk'o 1inge
k'owek'OH-wayfree variant ofx'owe
k'owedak'OH-way-dahfree variant ofx'owedaunspec. comp. form ofk'owe-da1
-k'shųk'shooⁿfree variant of-k'sų