Otoe-Missouria - English


ieenounmouthI Araproper nounYawning9.7.1.1Personal namesI Pejemiproper noun1Fire in the Mouth9.7.1.1Personal names2Female With Fire In Her Mouth9.7.1.1Personal namesI Wabraðemiproper nounMouth Torn By Punching Female9.7.1.1Personal namesI Waxonyimiproper noun1One Speaking Holy9.7.1.1Personal names2Sacred Mouth Female9.7.1.1Personal names3Mysterious Mouth Female9.7.1.1Personal namesirodanoungumssynhi hujeunspec. comp. form ofhi1 2huje 22.1Bodyhi3free varianthi3hi3i araverb1yawn2gapeI Aramiproper noun1Yawning9.7.1.1Personal names2Gaping9.7.1.1Personal namesi are 'ųverbmake with the mouthi irawaðotransitive verbpoint at an object with the lips, instead of with the index fingeri irawaðufree variant ofi irawaðoi nyich'etoothachesynihi nyich'ecomposed ofihi1nyich'ei ubeverbput in the mouthi wabage rax'igetransitive verbspit up blood
i wabage rax'igespit up blood
iha1noun1lip2.1Body2lips2.1Bodyihįnounbeard2.1Bodyihi1nounteeth2.1Bodyihi nyich'enountoothachesyni nyich'eunspec. comp. form ofinyich'eihi nyich'enountoothachesyni nyich'eunspec. comp. form ofinyich'eikunounchiniyawe2verb1yawning2open mouthyukiwąverbkissiwograkiwą
i-1ee1pfxwithigrakujeverbshoot his own with (any weapon)iresgeverb1bind withwiresge2bind it withiruthewaraverb1soil or deface from use2make second-hand, as a book or tool2verbpfxat3verbpfxyonder4verbpfxto5verbpfxby6pfxfor7pfxabout8pfxupirujeverbeat up9pfxinstrumental prefixibathewaratransitive verb1deface or render second-hand by cutting with a knife2deface or render an object second-hand by cutting it with a knifeinąthewaratransitive verb1soil with the feet or moccasins2deface or render second-hand by wearing a short time, as moccasins3soil or deface by walking or treading on4soil an object with the feet or moccasins5soil, deface, or render an object second-hand by walking or treading onirathewaratransitive verb1soil or deface anything with the mouth2eat anything in the dirt3soil around the mouth
irathewara 1soil or deface anything with the mouth
irathewara 2eat anything in the dirt
irathewara 3soil around the mouth
10pfxa prefix denoting the means or instrument, the place where, time when, etc.
Willim Whitman notes in his "Descriptive Grammar of Ioway-Oto" (1947) that the prefix "i-" is translated as, "at, to, by and any general locative not covered by the concepts of the first two positionals." (Whitman previously mentions "a-" and "u-" as the first two positionals.) Wistrand-Robinson classifies this as an "neighboring location" locative prefix and credits Voegelin for that.įnro iwax'enounwhetstoneirarahdątransitive verbdrink, as water, after eatingirumįverbsellexchange, trade (a single object)ithragenounhair greaseiwisgiverbnear to an object without touchinga degree of closeness which refers to being close, but still further away than other terms that express the idea of closeiwithgiiyujį irithunoungun swabmąhį iwax'enounwhetstonemąnð'irawinounbridleną ibagrųnjenounsawhand sawną igagąnounadzeną iwax'enounraspfilenąxąnje ibagrųnjenouncrosscut sawwhat is used for sawing logsnerugrųnjenounsawnerumatransitive verbdrillborecutnewax'enyi wiwagaxenouninkwater used for writingrugrį ikinąngenounbatterywahu irujigenounrakewawagaxe iwak'onounreceiptwawagaxe iwashenounreceiptwik'įnounstringpack stringstrapcord, etc., by means of which a pack is fastened to the backwikąhįnounbridlelariatreinslong thongwiruxdanounsievei'ųverb1do to2do for3make for4make with5make out of or by means ofi'ų skunyiwahithat cannot be made into anythingi'ųwahithat which can be made into somethingi'ų skunyiwahithat cannot be made into anythingi'ųwahithat which can be made into somethingibuðeadjective-verbthirstyĮmbuðe ke/ki.I'm thirsty.ibuðe ch'everbdie of thirstibuðe ch'everbdie of thirstich'e2verbdie from (some cause which is named)igibagrąnjetransitive verbcut an object rounded at the end with a knife, for (or by request of) the ownerigichexiverb1for one's disadvantage2not to be good for oneigrųnjetransitive verbchop wood with (an axe, etc.)igruthdagetransitive verbtie up one's own bag again with the same cord: said of a bag which has been untiedigruthgijetransitive verbtie one's own with (preceded by the name of the instrument)iguverb1fetch2go to (fetch)igųnðeverb1measure2measure (with a rule)3indicate bywigųnðeihąnjeverb1dream about2have a visionIhąnjenąmiproper nounFemale Who Dreams Regularly9.7.1.1Personal namesIhąnjenąmiproper nounFemale Who Dreams Regularly9.7.1.1Personal namesikirara1varied2different3of different kinds4of different kinds, colors, shapeswathgu ikiraraikujetransitive verbshoot withMą ikuje ke/ki.He/she shot him/her with an arrow.Mą wikuje wasdupi (je/ja)?Do you know how to shoot arrows?iminąverbsit with reference to some other object or placeinąnge1verb1run alonguxraxra inąngeinąngrųnjetransitive verbcut an object with (a mowing machine, reaper, etc.)ipi skunyinounthat by means of which harm may comeDagure ipi skunyi ninge ke/ki.There is nothing which will cause harm.
ipi skunyithat by means of which harm may come
irawe1nounworth2nounvalue3verbput a price on an article4verbreckon or allow toirituðeverbcut with scissorsiru'ąraised upną huje iru'ąiskajeverbhave funithregeverbsaid if one cuts a tree which splits as it fallsiwagrųnjeverbcut with by pushing with the handną iwagrųnjenewagrųnjeiwak'otransitive verbbrush offiwathewaratransitive verb1make a surface smooth, as a beaver does a hole, by passing through it and rubbing against it2deface a book, etc., by rubbing it with the handsiwituðea degree of closeness without actual contact (middle range with other terms that can describe closeness as being either further away or even closer)ixwegeadjective-verbbe enfeebled by, as by violent exerciseDaninge įxwege ke/ki.I am weakened by drunkenness.Washi įxwege ke/ki.I am enfeebled by dancing.
ixwegebe enfeebled by, as by violent exercise
ixwegebe enfeebled by, as by violent exercise
iyąweverbsingiyawe1noun1cactus2pierce withiyąyąverb1lying2lying downiyeverbpurge the bowels, as medicineiye mąnkąnounany purgative medicineiye mąnkąnounany purgative medicinemek'enoun1farmer2shovel3spade4hoemek'e xąnjenounplowmek'e xąnyefree variant ofmek'e xąnjemek'e xąnjenounplowmek'e xąnyefree variant ofmek'e xąnje
i-3eeverbpfx1he2she3itThis term is attached to some adjective-verbs as well as some others.
i-4eefree variant ofhi-
i araee AH-rahverb1yawn2gapeunspec. comp. form ofiara1
I Araee AH-rahproper nounYawningcfI Aramiunspec. comp. form ofiara1-miunspec. comp. form ofiara1
I Aramiee AH-rah-meeproper noun1Yawning2GapingThis name often has the "y" sound occuring between the i and a.cfI Araunspec. comp. form ofiara1unspec. comp. form ofiara1-mi
i are 'ųee AH-ray 'OOⁿverbmake with the mouthcfnąwe are 'ųunspec. comp. form ofnąwe1are1thi are 'ųunspec. comp. form ofthi1are1unspec. comp. form ofiare1
i irawaðoEE ee-RAH-wah-ðohtransitive verbpoint at an object with the lips, instead of with the index fingerfree varianti irawaðuunspec. comp. form ofiirawaðo
i irawaðuEE ee-RAH-wah-ðoofree variant ofi irawaðounspec. comp. form ofiirawaðu
i nyich'eee NYEECH'-ehtoothacheunspec. comp. form ofinyich'e
I Pejemiee PAY-jay-meeproper noun1Fire in the Mouth2Female With Fire In Her Mouthunspec. comp. form ofipeje-mi 3
i ubeee OO-bayverbput in the mouthunspec. comp. form ofiu-be2
i wabage rax'igeEE wah-BAH-gay rahx'-EE-gaytransitive verbspit up bloodunspec. comp. form ofiwabagerax'ige
i wabage rax'igespit up blood
I Wabraðemiee WAH-brah-ðay-meeproper nounMouth Torn By Punching Femaleunspec. comp. form ofiwa-2*braðe-mi 1
I Waxonyimiee wah-XOH-nyee-meeproper noun1One Speaking Holy2Sacred Mouth Female3Mysterious Mouth Femaleunspec. comp. form ofiwaxonyitą-mi 3
i'saee'-SAHfree variant ofi'sha
i'sąEE'-sahⁿnoun1journeyI'są aranye ke/ki.They are going away.2tripcfi'sąnąunspec. comp. form ofi'są-nąu'sąunspec. comp. form ofgi-1i'sąnąverb1honeymoon2go on a honeymoon3voyage
i'sąnąEE'-sahⁿ-nahⁿverb1honeymoon2go on a honeymoon3voyagecfi'sąunspec. comp. form ofgi-1u'sąunspec. comp. form ofi'są-ną
i'shaee'-SHAHverb1laugh2laugh at3smilefree varianti'saik'saik'shaishagi'shatransitive verblaugh at anotherra'i'shatransitive verbmake one laugh by talking to themru'i'shatransitive verbmake one laugh by shaking or ticklingwa'i'shatransitive verbmake a person laugh by punching, or pushing at themwi'i'shatransitive verbmake laugh by pressing onI'sha Manyifree variant ofIk'sha Manyii'sha'shatransitive verb1plague, tease, ridicule2make fun of3laugh at4abuse5treat badlyi'shahiverbcause one to laughik'shahiik'shawahiverb1cause them to laugh2make them laughiki'shaverblaugh at each otherikik'shaikiki'shaverb1laugh with each other2laugh at each otherikikik'sha
I'sha Manyifree variant ofIk'sha Manyiunspec. comp. form ofi'shamanyi
i'sha'shaee'-SHAH'-shahtransitive verb1plague, tease, ridicule2make fun of3laugh at4abuse5treat badlyfree variantik'shak'shaunspec. comp. form ofi'sha
i'shahiee'-SHAH-heeverbcause one to laughik'shahifree variantik'shahiik'shahiunspec. comp. form ofi'sha-hi 1