Otoe-Missouria - English


ga2gahcontracted variant ofga'e
ga e'agah AY'-ahsay as follows toverbunspec. comp. form ofga'ee'aunspec. comp. form ofe2
ga e'a 1say as follows to
ga e'a 1.1to say as follows to
ga igegah EE-gaysay as follows about oneverbunspec. comp. form ofga'eige2Dorsey notes for this term that it is "used by another in accusing or excusing the subject of the verb." He also notes that it is "used in slandering, reproving, etc."
ga ige 1.2he said as follows
ga irayįGAH ee-RAH-yeeⁿthink thatverbmake up one's mind about thatverbunspec. comp. form ofga'eirayįCompareithge irugrąunspec. comp. form ofithgeirugrą
ga iregah ee-RAYthink thatverbthink as followsverbunspec. comp. form ofga'eire1
ga waregah WAH-raygo that way, or thitherverbunspec. comp. form ofga'ewa reunspec. comp. form ofiware2 1Comparega idowareunspec. comp. form ofga'eidowa re
ga wigegah WEE-gaytell them thatverbsay as follows to or about them as in reproving them, or in speaking for or against themverbunspec. comp. form ofga'ewa-1ige2
ga'idagah'-EE-dahthereover thereGa'ida miną ke/ki.He/she lives over there.in that placejust thencomposed ofga'eidaIn reference to "over there," this term is not as far as "goshida."Comparekota(?)that more remote object over therefrom that time onfrom then on
ga'ida hąngegah'-EE-dah HAHⁿNG-aythat more remote object over thereunspec. comp. form ofga'idacomposed ofga'eidahąnge
gadaGAH-dahatprepunspec. comp. form ofga'eida
gahedą arethgegah-HAY-dahⁿ ah-RAY-thgayabout that longunspec. comp. form ofgahedąunspec. comp. form ofidąarethgeunspec. comp. form ofare1ithgeContracted Variantgahedąthgegah-HAY-dahⁿ-thgay
gahedąthgegah-HAY-dahⁿ-thgayunspec. comp. form ofgahedąunspec. comp. form ofidąithgecontracted variant ofgahedą arethgeunspec. comp. form ofgahedąarethge
Gahigeingegah-HEE-gay-eeng-aychief - littleLittle Chiefproper nounYoung Pipe Chiefproper nounYoung Chief Who Keeps a Sacred Pipeproper noun
ganąha'eGAH-nahⁿ-hah'-aythis one right hereunspec. comp. form ofga'enąha'eunspec. comp. form ofnąha2'e
gareGAH-rayoral imperative markerWaką ada kare.See the snake.Inų ware kare.Go with them.imperativeThis imperative marker indicates a more forceful command than "re" alone.Compareha4ho1re1
garedaGAH-ray-dahthenat that timeunspec. comp. form ofga'eare1composed ofje arethgetąida
gashnąGAH-shnahⁿunspec. comp. form ofga'e-shnąfree variant of-sdą1contracted variant ofishnąfree variant ofgasdącomposed ofga'e-sdą1
gashų kegah-SHOOⁿ kayunspec. comp. form ofgashųfree variant ofgasųkefree variant ofgasųngeunspec. comp. form ofgasųige1
gasųgah-SOOⁿnowjust nowreadyWaruje gasų ke/ki.The food is ready.doneenoughstillsoin like manneramenthenall rightsoonshortlyBaxoje Variantgaxsųgahx-SOOⁿFree Variantgashųgah-SHOOⁿgaxsųgahx-SOOⁿComparegasųngiunspec. comp. form ofgasų-gi1go'oige1work till night, without intermissionright nownowright nownowbegin (right now)facing thus: said if the speaker has hold of the one addressedput a standing inanimate object or a collection of small things down againlet them or it aloneput a curvilinear object down againlet a curvilinear object, etc., aloneput a long object down againlet a long object aloneleave the curvilinear object, book, etc., undisturbedleave a standing person undisturbedleave one undisturbed when they are walking, or going awayenoughnowright nowat presentright nowjust nowjust as one istalk all day until nighttalk throughout the night until the return of dayshoot throughout the day, till night comesdrink all day until nightstanding so for some timeeat all day until nighteat throughout the night until the return of daycry all day until nightsing all day until night
gasų dąnragigah-SOOⁿ DAHⁿ-nah-geeright nownowbegin (right now)unspec. comp. form ofgasųdąnra-gi1contracted variant ofigi
gasų duxwagah-SOOⁿ doo-XWAHfacing thus: said if the speaker has hold of the one addressedunspec. comp. form ofgasų
gasų hinąngehigah-SOOⁿ hee-NAHⁿNG-ay-heeput a curvilinear object down againtransitive verblet a curvilinear object, etc., alonetransitive verbunspec. comp. form ofgasųhinąngehiunspec. comp. form ofhinąnge-hiComparegasų hiwehiunspec. comp. form ofgasųhiwehi
gasų nąngehigah-SOOⁿ NAHⁿNG-ay-heeleave the curvilinear object, book, etc., undisturbedverbunspec. comp. form ofgasųnąnge1-hileave them undisturbed (animate objects)
gasų rahehigah-SOOⁿ rah-HAY-heeleave one undisturbed when they are walking, or going awayverbunspec. comp. form ofgasų-hi
gasųngigah-SOOⁿNG-geenowadverbright nowadverbat presentadverbunspec. comp. form ofgasų-gi1contracted variant ofigiFree Variantgashųngigah-SHOOⁿNG-geeComparegasų