ithgeee-THGAYlikealikesimilarsoin like mannerequalsomewhatunspec. comp. formjedąthgeaboutunspec. comp. formgrerabrįthgesomesynhe4 1to4 1some like itnot verythusunspec. comp. formje arethgea littleThe context of "a little" here is in line with "somewhat" (IE "He helped a little/He somewhat helped."). It can also carry the idea of helping a little, but not as much as one might do.Free Variantihgeee-HGAYWhen this term is used as a suffix (-thge), it can be used in the context of a privative or diminutive force.Compareige1have all of one's property with oneselfis that so?is it not?isn't it?be somewhat likeresemble it a littlebe sobe like itbe like thatliketo be like it or thatwhetherWhat is the matter?what the matter ishow it isis it not?isn't it?lessmore thannot long agohelp but a littletake part with, but only a littlesomewhat lightnot very lighthelp but a little (not as much as he might do)womanwifeact like a womaneffeminatedesire moreequal tokindsorttypea little like itsomewhat like an object or personeach one of that size (the size of a measure or standard) - said of inanimate objects, not of personsabout that manyabout so muchof that size (i.e., the size of a measure or standard - refers to inanimate objects onlyperhapsit may bethink thatmake up one's mind about thatamenlet it be solook likebe somewhat likeresemble it a littleabout this longabout as long as from this point to thatlike this standing inanimate object or collection of inanimate objectsabout this number or quantitythis sizethis largethis large (said of large objects)be as one sees itfeel likefeel as iffeel an inclination tofeel as if one is about tofeel as if one wouldfeel a desire tofeel a desire forfighterwhite personwhite peoplewhite maniron makershe works in ironquicksandtalk in a quavering voicelike thee or yoube like thatbe like thata great while agoa very long time agofor a very long time hereafterwith great difficultybreadlight breadwheatwheat breadflourwho is like itgreengrass color