gasųgah-SOOⁿnowjust nowreadyWaruje gasų now/ready (male statement-ender)The food is ready.doneenoughstillsoin like manneramenthenall rightsoonshortlyBaxoje Variantgaxsųgahx-SOOⁿFree Variantgashųgah-SHOOⁿgaxsųgahx-SOOⁿComparegasųngiunspec. comp. form ofgasų-gi1go'oige1work till night, without intermissionright nownowright nownowfacing thus: said if the speaker has hold of the one addressedput a standing inanimate object or a collection of small things down againlet them or it aloneput a curvilinear object down againlet a curvilinear object, etc., aloneput a long object down againlet a long object aloneleave the curvilinear object, book, etc., undisturbedleave a standing person undisturbedleave one undisturbed when they are walking, or going awayenoughnowright nowat presentright nowjust nowjust as one istalk all day until nighttalk throughout the night until the return of dayshoot throughout the day, till night comesdrink all day until nightstanding so for some timeeat all day until nighteat throughout the night until the return of daycry all day until nightsing all day until night