wanyi2WAH-nyeehave or keep them (animate objects)transitive verbunspec. comp. form ofwa-1anyiunspec. comp. form ofa-1 1nyi1take them (animate objects) homeward, passing here on the wayhave brought them (animate objects) back or homehave come home with horses, etc.be bringing them (animate objects), not one's own, back hither or homewardreach there, not one's home, with them (the horses, etc.), not one's ownbe bringing them (animate objects), not one's own, hither for the first time, or to this place, not their homehave brought them (animate objects), not one's own, to this lodge, not one's home, or for the first timehave gone back or homeward again with them (animate objects), not one's owntake them (animate objects) away

wanyi2have or keep them (animate objects)

anyiunspec. comp. form ofa-1 1nyi1