1tooⁿabundancenounabundantverbhaveverbhave plentyverbhave inalienablyverbpossessverbaboundverba lotFirst-Person Plural Conjugationhįntųwiheeⁿn-TOOⁿ-weeFirst-Person Singular Conjugationhatųhah-TOOⁿFree Variantt'ąt'AHⁿSecond-Person Singular Conjugationratųrah-TOOⁿThis term can be used as both a verb and noun.Compareto4very abundanta lothave a bodymature, as fruitbear blossoms or fruit, as trees or bushesbear blossoms, fruit, etc.cause to matureraise, as cornrear, raise, train up, as a childhave a hearthave a good dispositionmercifulplentyhave plentyhave a sulky dispositionsulky